Discontinuing the Why Ware Studio app

Discontinuing the Why Ware Studio app

​”Hello​, I am sad to deliver this news but the current Why Ware Studio app has been officially discontinued. Without getting into any technical details, we have been having trouble with the servers and api. We will create a new version of this app eventually, however that will not be soon as WhyWareStudios is very busy with the Adventure Squad project and a new website. Thank you for your support.  – The WhyWareStudios team

This (above) is the last post that was made on the Why Ware Studio app social wall. There is a good chance that many had not even know the existence of the Why Ware Studio app as it was never before mentioned on this blog or the Why Ware Studios website, that is because the app was only given to a small group of people in the Why Ware Studios team and a few outside it. The goal of only giving it to a few people was so if they had any issues they could report them directly to us. The exclusive beta closed was meant to mid 2016. But recently the app has been officially discontinued, so why did it take so long? To the whole Why Ware Studios team we knew this was going to happen sooner or later, however instead of getting a new group to test another version of the app, we planned to add on to the existing app via an online update. The new version of the app kept being planned, but due to the Adventure Squad project and various other things, we did not get around to developing it. The new WhyWareStudios website will be coming soon and some of the features of the app will be present there, however the app itself with all the new features and changes will not come out for quite a while. At the moment it is not clear when the new redesigned app will release, but we will try to make it available as soon as we can.

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New WhyWareStudios website!


Sorry it’s been a while, I have been very busy working on the Adventure Squad Project and something, which I’ve wanted to post that I am working for a while about, but it hadn’t been far enough done, however I now feel it is near completion. I am remaking the WhyWareStudios website!

I was very unhappy with how the other one functioned and looked, so I decided it was time for a whole new redesign. 

I am also developing some games for the website that will be able to be played in your browser. At the moment I don’t know when it will be published online but it might not be too soon. Thanks for being so patient. More post are coming soon!



**I am going to start doing reviews of games on the Google Play store and the app store that you may not know, however I am starting with one that is a bit more well-known than the others I will be reviewing. I will continue doing other posts as normal but will now do this as well.**



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Platform: iOS, Apple

Mekorama is a calming puzzle game by Martin Magni, the creator of “Odd Bot Out” which was a sort of 2D version of this game. The combination of the relaxing music and the simple textures make this game a joy to play.

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This is the first post on my blog. I know everyone does blogs like these but I wanted to do it to. This blog will be about my life and experiences I’ve had developing games (Thats what I do btw) and i’ll do my best to answer questions people have about various things. I look forward to posting more but for now, Bye.